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Remodel Your Home Today

We provide the following services with every home improvement project, to ensure our designs and custom remodeling are exactly what you want.

  •   Customizingservices 2.jpgservices 1.jpg
  •   Installation
  •   Maintenance
  •   New Construction
  •   Remodeling
  •   Repair





Building a new deck or patio is a great addition to any backyard!

  •   Deck Buildingservices 4.JPGservices 3.jpg  

  •   Deck Maintenance
  •   New Deck             Construction
  •   Deck Installation 
  •   Patio Remodeling
  •   Porch Refinishing
  •   Patio and Deck
  •   Patio and Deck
  •   Repair

Our trusted professional deck builders have been custom designing decks, and patios for Spokane and surrounding areas, for over 20 years. We are Spokane's premium deck builders. DuPont is your expert on Deck and Patio Covers in Spokane WA. 

When remodeling your home, don’t forget to “think green.” DuPont offers, green construction on any of our remodels or additions.

  •   Home Additionsservices 6.jpgservices 5.jpg

  •   Basement Remodeling and
  •   Bathroom Remodeling
  •   Bathtub & Sink Refinishing
  •   Carpentry
  •   Design and Customizing
  •   Kitchen and Bathroom Finishing
  •   Green Construction
  •   Installation 
  •   Kitchen Remodeling
  •   Kitchen and Bathroom Maintenance
  •   New Kitchen Constructions
  •   Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement Repair
  •   Sunrooms & Enclosure




Want to save on your energy bill? Installing new Doors & Windows is a great place to start!

  •   Casement Windowsservices 8.jpgservices 7.jpg

  •   Custom Orders
  •   Window Installation
  •   Metal Windows
  •   New Windows
  •   Window Repair
  •   Skylights
  •   Sliding Windows
  •   Storm Windows
  •   Vinyl Windows
  •   Wood Windows